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We are a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to saving lives from gun violence and giving kids an opportunity to further their education with our full support.

Founder/CEO/President: Terry C. Carney, Sr.

Vice President: Cornell Ward

CFO/Executive of Administration: Kevin Strickland

COO: Ernest Churchill

Executive Board Member: Eugene Ysaguirre

Executive Board Member: Juan Villanueva

Treasurer: Monae Chavez


Our goals are to spread awareness and save lives from gun violence all across the world by giving kids hope and support to further their education through scholarships, clothing, meals, housing, and furnishings for college students as well as setting up education stations in many different communities, tutoring, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and history, as well as providing assistance for kids to start applying for colleges as early as the seventh grade.

Their names will get a fair start by getting the equal recognition opportunity needed in order to be considered for all Ivy League colleges and scholarship program; including motivational speakers, education on investments, savings, music production, and film. Our organization will set up tours all across the world with our docu-series, The World Epidemic film throughout all colleges, schools, and communities in order to bring awareness of gun violence. Our platform will consist of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and family members that have lost loved ones to gun violence, by sharing their experiences about how gun violence has affected them and their community. Also, diverse musical artists will be present and perform to support our cause.

PO Box 15037 Beverly Hills, CA 90209 

(310) 760-6574

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